Terminator Spindle Mount Adjustable Struts SS Steel Steering Arm 4 Inch Stroke Caster Camber Mount 13.77 Inch Comp 18.30 Inch Ext

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AFCO is proud to bring to market the most advanced and most adjustable spindle mount strut available today. Sporting a large 35mm twin tube piston, the range of adjustment is un-matched to enhance tuning and performance. You will not find a more user friendly adjustable strut at any cost. Each adjustment is metered with a detent for precise adjustments. These struts are available in 2 lengths to fit virtually every ride height. A perfect choice for “No Prep” style of racing, the “extra travel” models promote additional weight transfer to hook on low traction surfaces. For more conventional applications, the new AFCO Terminator SS Series Struts are offered in common lengths to retro fit to existing chassis in the field or new builds that need to fit an existing jig. Double adjustable struts allow for nearly infinite chassis tuning combinations, but more importantly, the broad range of adjustment offered will allow tuners to find the sweet spot quickly and efficiently. 2 lengths are available to fit most super stock style applications. 100% Dyno tested for accuracy and quality. Double Adjustable 35mm twin tube design provides broad range of adjustment. Fully independent compression and rebound adjustments for ultimate tuning and performance. AFCO Exclusive aluminum steering arm gives better tire clearance. “Competitor style” steel steering arm allows you to upgrade to an AFCO strut without having to shorten tie rod assembly. Pro style coil-over spring adjuster nut has positive clicks with each turn, locks in place with an allen wrench and has pronounced finger grips to aid setting ride height. Spanner wrench may also be used to set ride height. 2 or 4 piston caliper brackets available. ’67-’69 Camaro pin design for common wheel/brake kit fitment. Best front end control on the market!
Struts are priced and sold per pair.

Note: This part is made to order. It will ship when it is produced.